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"Great Show!"

   "It's all my son is talking about..."

     "So glad me & my family could be there!"

        "By far the most entertaining truck"


Kevin King


Kevin has become one of the most well known independent drivers in the Monster Truck Industry.  Currently operating a three truck team out of his shop in Waycross, Georgia, Kevin has traveled to foreign countries and all over the United States to entertain audiences of all ages. His aggressive driving style and engaging personality has allowed him to become a fan favorite at monster truck events. 


  • 11 year professional driver      
  • Named 2010 Freestyle champion in Strait Jacket on Steel Thunder Tour  
  • 2012 Runnerup in the Lone Star Promotions Monster Truck Nationals
  • Various Wheelie, Racing, & Freestyle wins
  • 2015 Wheelie of the Year nomination for Monster Jam
  • Completed first monster truck backflip at Monster Jam in Jacksonville's EverBank Field
  • Competed in Fox Sports One East Monster Jam Stadium Tour in 2017
  • So far in 2018, have competed in 35 events with 23 1st place & 10 2nd place finishes

Team members include Kelly King, Steven Hill, and Chad Patterson.



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1974 VW Micro Bus

2013 Southern Excitement Motorsports Chassis

565 CID Blown Alcohol Chevy Engine

1600 Horse Power

Allen Pope Performance 2 Speed Power Glide Transmission

Pro Fab Transfer Case

F-106 Rear End 6:20 Gears

Rockwell PS250 Planetaries

PEI 26" Nitrogen Shocks

66x43.00-25 BKT Monster Truck Tires

Radical Motion.png

Radical Motion

2015 Chevy Dura Max Est Cab Pickup

2012 Steve Hill Motorsports Chassis

512 CID Blown Alcohol Chevy Engine

1500 Horse Power

Allen Pope Performance 2 Speed Power Glide Transmission

SCS Gear Box Transfer Case

F-106 Rear Ends 6:80 Gears

Rockwell PS 250 Planearies

PEI 26: Nitrogen Shocks

66x43.00-25 SoExMo Monster truck Tires

Insane Asylum.png

Insane Asylum

2002 Ford Excursion

2014 Southern Excitement Motorsports Chassis

5.4 Liter Ford Triton V-8

5 Ton Military Axles

20" Custom Drop Box Transfer Case

66x43.00-25 BKT Monster Truck Tires

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Upcoming Schedule

Monster Jam

Jan 12-13 San Antonio, TX

Jan 19 Glendale, AZ

Jan 26 San Diego, CA

Feb 2 Anaheim, CA

Feb 9-10 Houston, Tx

Feb 16-17 Miami, FL

Feb 23-24 Atlanta, GA

Mar 2 Jacksonville, FL

Mar 30 new orleans, la


Feb 1-2 Hattiesburg, MS

Mar 1-2 Ashville, nc

MAR 29-30 dothan, al






Born in Chula Vista, California, Gabriel Iglesias is the youngest of six children, raised by a single mother in Long Beach, CA.  It was during his childhood that he developed a strong sense of humor to deal with the obstacles he faced. In 1997, he set out to hone his comedic skills, and performed stand-up anywhere he could find an audience; including biker bars and hole-in-the-wall joints.  Gabriel’s stand-up comedy is a mixture of storytelling, parodies, characters and sound effects that bring his personal experiences to life. His unique and animated comedy style has made him popular among fans of all ages.

Iglesias is one of America’s most successful stand-up comedians performing to sold-out concerts around the world. He is also one of the most watched comedians on YouTube with over 300,000,000 views. The comedian has also had the distinct honor of being one of the few to headline and sell-out Madison Square Garden and The Microsoft Theater. Celebrating 20 years in standup comedy, Iglesias is currently on the new world tour, FluffyMania World Tour: 20 Years of Comedy.

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News & Updates


New event to be announced soon!

New event to be announced soon!



Frequently Asked Questions:


What is a Monster Truck?

A Monster Truck is a highly modified/custom built truck with extreme oversized tires.  Most Monster Trucks are speed and handling enhanced in order to race similar trucks over obstacles.

How big are the tires?

Sixty six inches tall 43 inches wide.  The weight of each tire with rims can range from 600 to 900 lbs.

How are Monster Trucks transported?

Monster Trucks are hauled in a semi-trailer with all the tools and spare parts needed to move and repair the truck.  In order to reduce the width and height of the truck, the big tires are removed and smaller tires are put on. The use of the smaller tires allows the Monster Truck to clear the sides of and the ceiling the enclosed trailer.

What type of fuel is used in the Monster Truck?

Monster Trucks use racing alcohol.  This type of fuel allows the engine to operate cooler and produce more horsepower.

How much does a Monster Truck cost?

The cost of a Monster Truck with an engine can be as much as $150,000.  In addition, you will need a semi-truck and trailer to transport the Monster Truck to events.  Operational costs during the year include travel, fuel for the Monster Truck and transport truck as well as repairs & maintenance for each.

How do I become a Monster Truck driver?

This answer will vary according to who you ask.  For our team, you have to be at least 18 yrs and have a current CDL.  You need to be in good physical shape, have some knowledge of mechanics, electrical, and metal fabrication before you will be considered for our team.  All new team members must serve 2 years as a crew member before becoming eligible to begin to learn to drive.


What is a Rii?

An Rii is a "Remote Ignition Interupter".   This is a specialized radio receiver mounted in the truck and a hand held transmitter tuned to the frequency of the Rii.  The transmitter has the ability to signal the receiver with a special code.  The Rii can be used to "interupt" the ignition by radio should the truck veer off the track.